DECEMBER: Perfoming my piece "Månenatt" at Solsnukonsert: Kvinnestemmer! arranged by VoxLAB at Biermannsgården in Oslo. What a concert! So many nice pieces, composers and performers.  

NOVEMBER: First workshop with the great Alpaca Ensemble. Working with a new piece for this skilled and very nice group of people. Looking forward to develop this piece further on, towards the premiere in May 2018.

OCTOBER: Continuing working with my piece for Rosella and Borealis Festival in Bergen. Third workshop with the ensemble. What an opportunity!

OCTOBER: Singing with Song Circus at Sound Festival in Aberdeen (UK). Performing the piece "Landscapes in Figures II" by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen. 

OCTOBER: Premiere of my new piece for impro ensemble Kitchen Orchestra in Stavanger Konserthus. Playful musicians with skills in "dying" at stage....

OCTOBER: Stemmeklang performs several pieces written for Emanuel Vigelands mausoleum  in Oslo. Four concerts and all of them sold out. Eight years with this project in this specific room, and still going strong!

SEPTEMBER: Three concerts with SOUND / IN LIGHT in James Turrells Ganzfeld: Double Vision in Ekebergparken, Oslo. 

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: Rehearsals with Song Circus in Stavanger, preparing for our concert at Sound Festival in Aberdeen, Scotland in late October. "Landscape with figures IIa" by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen is detailed vagueness.....

AUGUST: Second workshop of Borealis Ung Komponist in Bergen. Working with ideas, experimenting in music, and great discussions. So looking forward to the rest....

JUNE: First gathering of Borealis Ung Komponist in Bergen. Lovely composers, skillful musicians and inspiring mentors. Great opportunity to develop in music and career!

JUNE: The new piece for nynorsk Messingkvintett is premiered at Caféteateret in Oslo. Sean Bell did a wonderful performance of the musical figure thater "Eg er ein frosk".

JUNE: Ensemble Allegria plays my piece "frå eit landskap" on Hardanger Musikkfest in Lofthus, Hardanger. Beautiful and perfect scenery for this piece, who describes the weather in this area of western Norway.

JUNE: Premiere of my new piece for the danish ensemble Scenatet, performed at Klang festival in Copenhagen. Fantastic performance by wonderful and playful musicians, and not at least the charming helium walking dogs balloons!

MARCH/APRIL: The room-specific piece SOUND / IN LIGHT is performed five times in James Turrells Ganzfeld: Double Vision in Ekebergparken in Oslo. Always a great pleasure to be in this amazing artwork.

JANUARY: First workshop for the piece for nyNorsk Messingkvintett. I'm using texts by the poet/performance artist Kurt Johannessen in my piece.

JANUARY: Singing at All Ears festival on the concert in honor for Pauline Oliveros, together with Elin Vister, Maja Ratkje, Guro Skumsnes Moe, Kristine Tjøgersen and  Gyrid Kaldestad among others. 


DECEMBER: Premiere of the electroacustic piece "VocalChord" at nyMusikk in Oslo.

OCTOBER / NOVEMBER: Touring "Freedom  o(r) Speech" with Song Circus, Red Note Ensemble and I Solisti, performing the legendary piece "De Staat" by Louis Andriessen and the brand new piece "F Scale" by John de Simone. Concerts at Sound Festival at ACT in Aberdeen (UK), deSingel in Antwerpen (BE), Concertgebouw in Brügge (BE), de Bijloke in Gent (BE) and November Music at Verkadefakriek in s-Hertogenbosch (NL). Conductor Etienne Siebens.

OCTOBER: At Nordic Music Days 2016 my piece "And Nobody Gets Everything Right" is performed at Harpa, Reykjavik (IS). Intense and aggressive! 

SEPTEMBER: The performative piece "PlayMii" is performed by pianists Andreas Gundersen and Eirik Fosstveit at Østbanehallen during Oslo Kulturnatt.

SEPTEMBER: First rehearsal with vocal-group Song Circus. We are performing Louis Andriessen "De Staat" in Scotland, Holland and Belgium in October/November.

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER: the room-specific piece SUND / IN LIGHT is performed five times in James Turrells Ganzfeld: Double Vision in Ekebergparken in Oslo. What an amazing room! And what an experience!

AUGUST: Saxophone duet The Decho Ensemble premieres my piece KA! HA! at PULS festival in Oslo.

JULY: (Finally!) Premiere of the room-specific piece "Æva/Sjå mot havet" in Melbu. The fantastic fish oil tank Royal Neptun Hall in Melbu made the concert, and the piece, a wonderful and pretty unique experience. 

JUNE: "FRI.........SK" is performed at Durham University in Durham (UK).

MAY: first rehearsals for the concert in Melbu. The piece "Æva/Sjå mot havet" will be premiered in july together with the old fish oil tank "Royal Neptun Hall" in Melbu, Vesterålen (NO).

APRIL: Elisabeth Færøy Lund and I held the first addition of LYDRØRT - a festival for sound, performance and movement, in Henningsvær (NO). Our soundperformance "tomROMMET" ("the empty room") was premiered at Trevarefabrikken.

APRIL: Premiere of the room-specific piece "SOUND / IN LIGHT". The piece is written for James Turrell's installation Ganzfeld: Double Vision in Ekebergparken, Oslo (NO). Two concerts.

MARCH: "Zenlight" is performed by pianist Andy Costello at the Women Composers Festival in Hartford, Connecticut (US), and at Brandeis University in Boston, Massachusetts (US).

MARCH: "frå eit landskap" is released on the album "Tapestry" with Telemark Chamber Orchestra. Listen at Spotify and Tidal.

FEBRUARY: Together with Elisabeth Færøy Lund we start working on our project "tomROMMET" ("the empty room") at Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær, Lofoten (NO).

FEBRUARY: Artist talk and concert in Hadsel Kirke, Melbu (NO), presenting me and my music. 

JANUARY: 2nd round of finding vocalists to my project in Melbu (NO).


DECEMBER: 1st round of finding vocalists to my project in Melbu (NO). Next round will be in january 2016.

DECEMBER: "Siste Pust" is premiered at Østre in Bergen (NO), and "Between the Lines" for recorder, tape and electronics is premiered by the fantastic Caroline Hausen at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo (NO). 

NOVEMBER: "FRI.........SK" is premiered by the fantastic string quartet LCO Soloists at Ingensteds in Oslo (NO).

OCTOBER: Concerts with Stemmeklang at Emanuel Vigeland's mausoleum in Oslo (NO). "Echoes & Shadows", "Mellom Skyene", "Stilla", and "Tomba Sonora" is performed in this unique room. All the pieces are written especially for the mausoleum.

SEPTEMBER: Singing with the vocal ensemble Song Circus at Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen (DK), performs Ruben Sverre Gjertsen's "Landscapes in Figures II".

SEPTEMBER: "Zenlight" and "Silence Come Closer Wait Expect" is performed by pianist Eirik Fosstveit at Parkert Piano during Ultima Festival in Oslo (NO).

AUGUST: Bolstad/1982 is playing together in Bergen (NO) at 1982 festival.


DECEMBER: "Zenlight" is performed by Tøyen Fil & Klafferi in Oslo (NO). 

OCTOBER: Stemmeklang performs a set of my pieces especially written for Emanuel Vigeland's mausoleum in Oslo (NO). Stemmeklang celebrates five years of concerts with this project in the mausoelum.

SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER: "frå eit landskap" (from a landscape) is performed by Telemark Kammerorkester in Oslo (NO) and Skien (NO). [WP]

AUGUST:  "She make Her make Him" is performed by SIlje Aker Johnsen, Gregor Ridell and Torun Stavseng in Oslo (NO) and London (UK) during nu:nord. [WP]

JUNE: "Le(t's) Go" is performed by the american vaudeville duo Corky has a band in New York City (US). [WP]

APRIL: "Silence Come Closer Wait Expect" is performed by the canadian trio Subtle Lip Can in Oslo (NO). [WP]

MARCH: "Vitriol" is performed by Samtidsmetall in Bergen (NO) as part of Borealis festival in Bergen (NO). [WP]

FEBRUARY: Playing concert with my soloproject VokalCollage in Oslo (NO).
FEBRUARY: "Is sound Noise" (EA) is performed in Krakow (PO).

JANUARY: Bolstad/1982 is playing together in Oslo (NO). The piece is commissioned by NOTAM. [WP]

Collaboration with ensembles and musicians as:
- Quatour Bozzini (CA)
- 1982 (NO)
- Duo Hevans (NL/UK)
- Corky has a band (US)
- Jane Chapman (UK)
- Mira Benjamin (CA)
- Ensemble Portmanto (CA)
- Camilla Ediassen (NO)

My music has been performed at festivals such as Nordic Music Days in Helsinki (FI), NüMusic festival in Stavanger, Ultima festival in Oslo, Borealis festival in Bergen, nu:nord festival in Montreal (CA) / London (UK) / Oslo (NO) / Fauske (NO), 300 acting spaces in Oslo (NO).

 My music has been performed in Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, USA and Canada.

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