Borealis young composer mentor programme
I've been taken in to the Ung Komponist Mentor Programme held by the Borealis Festival in Bergen. Through 5 meetings/workshops we will be developing new music for Rosella String Quartet, guided and mentored by
four fantastic mentors: Christian Wallumrød, Øyvind Torvund, Joanna Bailie and Natacha Diels. Looking forward to work with all these wonderful and skilled people!
The piece will be premiered during the Borealis Festival in March 2018.

music for Alpaca Ensemble
nyMusikks komponistgruppe has commissioned a piece for a project with Alpaca Ensemble. Alpaca Ensemble is Sigrid Elisabeth Stang, Marianne Baudouin Lie and Else Bø. The piece will be developed together with the musicians during several workshops. First workshop is in november.
The piece will be premiered in 2018.

music for storytelling-opera
A new genre is invented! Together with storyteller Tormod Fuglestad we are creating a brand new thing. Storytelling, music and food in the spirit of Opera.
In 2018 we will invite you to our intimate dinner party where we will tell you the story of the spanish saint John of the Cross, with both words, sounds, music and food....

music for silent films
Together with the silent film pianist Kjetil Schjander Luhr-Larsen, I'm making music and foley sounds for several silent films by Buster Keaton, Georges Méliès and Lumière brothers. Silent movie concerts have been held at Cinemateket in Oslo, both for school kids (Den kulturelle skolesekken)  and others, since 2015 and throughout 2020.

VokalCollage is my own solo project. Here I do live electronics with vocals and different objects and instruments. I do both improvisation and some of my own written works.

Shhht! is a duo I have together with Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad. We do live-electronics with vocal and different objects and instruments. We have played several times at 300 Acting Spaces, at Sound of Mu in Oslo, and at Bidrobon Biermannsgården in Oslo. 

Ludo is a vocal-duo I have together with Gabrielle Sørensen. We do acoustic vocal improvisation. We have done site-specific concerts around Oslo city (many times at Nationaltheatret Train Station), and we have performed at Søndagsmarkedet Blå in Oslo, Bidrobon Biermannsgården in Oslo, Oslo Kulturnatt, and together with Stemmeklang in Emanuel Vigeland's mausoleum in Oslo.

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